Redweb Technologies is the leading provider of advanced Forensic Tagging (intruder, offender and assets) and GPS Tracking security solutions.

Our solutions include: GPS tracking devices and advanced molecular tagging technology, a unique identifier substance that provides irrefutable evidence linking criminals to crime scenes.

We work closely with the CPS, police and commercial organisations, to deter and detect criminals. Our technology helps to reduce crime, and to secure criminal convictions. Read more about how in our case studies.


Extreme Trackers

We provide a range of GPS trackers for use either as standalone units for the discreet tracking of assets, such as plant, vehicle and machinery, or covert trackable assets, for specialist Police operations. Please go to the Police secure site for more information on our covert tracking capability

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My GPS Tracker



RedWeb's new Molecular Taggent Technology provides police and prosecuting authourites with irrefutable evidence linking Offenders to the scene of their crime. The technology can be deployed in anti robbery/burglary scenarios as a spray system or as an asset/property marking solution to deter the theft and improve the recovery of valuable assets and infrastructure.

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BBC TV Watchdog

BBC TV Watchdog

This week, Rogue Traders use RedWeb Tracking Technology to find  the people who don't respect the British countryside and its cities - the fly-tippers.


Manchester store reduces store robberies to zero

A Costcutter store in Manchester was suffering from multiple attacks, armed robberies and shoplifting. We introduced the Sentry 500 redDNA forensic alarm into this store two years ago and it has not been robbed since.

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The Police
We work closely with the police to help deter crime, detect criminals and deliver a 100% conviction rate.

We work with retailers to reduce the number of crimes committed in stores and against staff.

We help utilities companies to reduce theft and damage to valuable infrastructure assets such as metals.

Commercial Security
We work with organisations with a commercial security requirement such as banks, fleet owners and plant manufactures, to reduce theft.

Manned Security
The OffenderID™ system marks criminals with a unique molecular taggent code, forensically linking the offender to the exact time and place of the offence, ensuring conviction.

RedWeb Technologies enigmaTAG product is designed for use by householders to identify their possessions by marking them with a unique DNA based identification mark.

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West Midlands Police Reports 50 Per Cent Reduction in Gully Cover Thefts
Wed, 18/07/2012

The number of gully cover thefts in Birmingham has halved, after the City Council and public service provider Amey, teamed up to crack down on roadside metal thefts.

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